When you realize your hair is thinning, that your hairline is receding, the natural response is to think, ‘how do I stop this from happening?’ It is possible to prevent, halt, and even regrow hair. There are many hair loss solutions available, and the first step is discovering what is causing your hairline to recede. Once you’ve learned the reason behind your hair loss, it’s time to put together a plan to regain your hair.
People turn to everything from home remedies, lifestyle and dietary changes, to hair regrowth medications, to hair restoration surgery. Before you make any decisions, it’s important to determine which choices would work best for your situation, as well as what goals you want to achieve. You can begin right away with a by following easy guidelines such as avoiding hair products that contain harsh chemicals, brushing and styling hair gently and with the natural direction of the hair, and utilizing hair thickening and growth boosting products.

Home remedies or herbal solutions used to combat a receding hairline may seem appealing, but often have not been extensively tested and therefore may not help achieve the desired outcome. However, there are many beneficial supplements that have been proven to boost men’s overall health, and that includes a healthy head of hair.
For some, taking a once daily oral medication is more convenient, and this option is available with FDA-approved Propecia. Since the DHT hormone has been linked to hair loss in men, Propecia is formulated to inhibit its production. DHT causes hair to weaken and halts hair growth. Propecia, which is available by prescription only, can be used by those experiencing early stages of hair loss, in addition to those who have had a hair transplantation procedure in order to slow the thinning of native hair.

If your goal is to achieve a permanent solution to your hair loss, then hair transplantation is still the only proven method. The purpose of a hair restoration procedure is to help you regain your own natural looking head of hair, and a natural hairline is the key to accomplishing this goal. Ladhair physicians have gained a reputation for creating realistic results because of their attention to artistry, with the aim of restoring a hairline that is as soft and feathered as your original.

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